Englishfor promotes various and challenging research projects aimed at creating the essential basis for its teaching activity, which, thanks to the designing of courses in different fields of specialist English, has achieved new and interesting heights.

All this originates from the cultural background, the long and vast professional experience as well as the rigorous method of its owner, Antonella Distante, who has always focused her efforts on the study and research of valuable and stimulating tools for both student and teacher learning. Thanks to this – together with the creation of an efficient and strong-willed team of collaborators – Englishfor carries out a series of initiatives in the field of research. These include the permanent Terminology Observatory, devoted to monitoring English expressions in different contexts, thus providing interesting elements for terms analysis and the objective of which is also compiling the new-born Word Detecting section, an instrument for knowing and learning new English expressions used in the Italian and international contexts.

In the field of research, another action promoted by Antonella Distante is the creation - in 2007 - of Englishfor, la Rivista dell’Inglese per Scopi Speciali, an on-line journal consisting of selected and interesting articles dealing with specialist English written by professionals, experts, teachers but also students and new graduates who are about to enter the job world and now have the opportunity to be engaged in writing articles, thus demonstrating their personal skills.

Finally, the design and publication - in cooperation with Aracne - of the series Collana Inglese per Scopi Speciali, which represents an additional effort to promote research in this field and to encourage publishing projects. The first issue of this series is the book Medical English & the International Scientific Network. Approfondimenti terminologici e esercitazioni nel campo dell’inglese medico-scientifico.

For Englishfor course participants and researchers, our home office in Rome provides a collection of specialist books and dictionaries consisting of approximately 300 volumes. Our desire is to transform it into a Library of English for Special Purposes as well as an important reference point for researchers in this field.

Antonella Distante, the heart and soul behind Englishfor, dreams of increasing these efforts creating greater study opportunities by designing new and interesting educational programs, founding scholarships to favor young people desiring to improve, and promoting research initiatives together with other scientific organizations in Italy and around the world.
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