We design tailored courses for agencies, companies and institutions in any field of specialist English (Legal English, Medical English, English for Economics, English for Information Communication Technology, English for International Communication, English for International Relations, Security and Defense, etc ...)
The professional experience and education background of the owner Antonella Distante - specialized in course designing - makes it possible to design tailored training solutions to satisfy different customer needs, with extreme attention to contents and organizational aspects, thanks also to the cooperation of highly qualified experts.
All courses, even if different in type, are based on common elements: methodology, in-depth study and research.
We teach English for any university faculty.
We organize customized and individual courses for children, students and adults.
Englishfor also offers specialist linguistic advice to companies and professional firms.
  • Courses in Legal English and Legal Translation
  • In-depth course in English for Contract & Company Law
  • Courses in English for Economics
  • Courses in English for Information Communication Technology
  • Courses in Medical English
  • Courses in English for International Relations, Security and Defense
  • Courses in Military English
  • Courses in English for Environmental Safety
  • Courses in English for Wine and Food
  • Courses in English for Tourism
  • Courses in English for Architecture
  • Courses in English for Cinema
  • Courses in English for Fashion
  • Courses in English for International Communication
  • Tailored courses for agencies, companies, professional firms, institutions and small groups
  • Individual courses for specific educational needs
  • Courses for teachers of English for Special Purposes
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